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All the pretty horses

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Horses are good for a few things, quite a few things actually. Not the least of them is racing. Which they do well, some better then others.

What when nothing is sacred, horse racing. Drinking, gambling, and sitting in too much sun.

When did everything become mediocre, and available to the middle class, when did the taboo become something so normal and the kind of shit you bring your kids to.

Will we ever get back our taboo? Bars that have naked women in them arnt taboo, horses, gamblin, maybe I was born to late, or god forbid to early. It’s to soon to tell now.

But the races go on, every 10 minutes it seems there is another race. and another drink, and another nap, and a little to much sun.
I guess we are all a little closer to winning then we think…


Record Review: A.C. Newman’s Get Guilty

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Just got this! Sooooooo Good. It sounds like pure good.
It’s like music, that was made, for listening to while your in a mood for somthin juuust right.

The Guitar Playing is Good, the Singing and songwriting, also good.

Get guilty. It’s A.C. Newman from The New Pornographers, So I guess this is Extra New, Pornography. How about that? Wordplay!


The Locust Bar Philadelphia

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The Locust Bar is by far, the best bar in Philadelphia, and as far as I know, It is the best bar in the world.

For three reasons,

1. You can smoke in there.

2. The beer is cheap and cold.

3. The Bartenders are careful, quick, and free of attitude.

here are some of the best things to order at locust bar:

Pitcher of Lager

Pitcher of Rolling Rock

Any Giant Mixed Drink, served in a pint glass.

Grilled Cheese on Rye, with Tomatoes and Jalepenos,

Turkey Club ( for you meat eatin folks)

Anything “Moe Made”

Cajun Curlys with Chee

Waffle Fries with Chee

The Quizo is Fuckin hard man!!! Tuesday nights @8

The Karaoke with DJ Lars is the best in town Sun 7-12
(i met the gook there)

His name is Paul, ask him for a joke/drink

His name is Paul, ask him for a joke/drink

Spruce Street Espresso

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This is really the best place to get coffee in Town, hands down, No doubt about it.


Faith and Betty are warm and welcoming.

They use counter culture coffee, and french press it. And serve it with a less pretentious attitude then most shops of this caliber.

This will be my favorite coffee shop until of course, Ultimo Coffee opens up mid April.