The Locust Bar Philadelphia

The Locust Bar is by far, the best bar in Philadelphia, and as far as I know, It is the best bar in the world.

For three reasons,

1. You can smoke in there.

2. The beer is cheap and cold.

3. The Bartenders are careful, quick, and free of attitude.

here are some of the best things to order at locust bar:

Pitcher of Lager

Pitcher of Rolling Rock

Any Giant Mixed Drink, served in a pint glass.

Grilled Cheese on Rye, with Tomatoes and Jalepenos,

Turkey Club ( for you meat eatin folks)

Anything “Moe Made”

Cajun Curlys with Chee

Waffle Fries with Chee

The Quizo is Fuckin hard man!!! Tuesday nights @8

The Karaoke with DJ Lars is the best in town Sun 7-12
(i met the gook there)

His name is Paul, ask him for a joke/drink

His name is Paul, ask him for a joke/drink


4 Responses to “The Locust Bar Philadelphia”

  1. take a guess Says:

    I 100% disagree. I could name a MILLION reasons why Locust Bar is the WORST bar ever…I guess it just depends on your personality…if you lack an iota of class, then perhaps….

  2. eat a bag of dicks Says:

    paul and emily are the best bartenders in the city. locust bar is close to my heart (and stainin’ mah lungs all black).

  3. guessing Says:

    take a guess? i guess you’re a cunt

  4. ietabean Says:

    this is modern and spontaneous favs?

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